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Taking care of your hair is important to ensure it stays healthy, but when it comes to facial hair for men, there is a lack of support in the industry. The few products that are available may initially feel and smell great, until you realize the amount of harmful chemicals that are used in their creation. Allegiance Beard is looking to avoid that at all costs by offering products that not only make your beard smell like the heavens and feel like feathers, but take care of your beard and skin long term. Ingredients like Jojoba Oil will soothe dry skin, Moroccan Argan Oil keeps skin hydrated and soft, and Grapeseed Oil provides Vitamin E to promote hair growth and give it that shine without being overly greasy. And that's just naming a few! 

The guys at Allegiance provided me samples of both the Unity Beard Oil and the Fidelity Beard Balm, which I used individually and in tandem. To say i was impressed is an understatement. Normally, my beard care routine would include washing with regular hair shampoo and rubbing that ever so popular Blue Magic (you know what I'm talking about) in it afterwards. My beard felt clean, but uncomfortably oily and eventually dry for an extended period of time. After a few uses of Allegiance Beard's oil and balm, I noticed an improvement in my facial hair. The scent of my beard was intoxicating to myself and others around me while feeling as soft as doctor's cotton. I could walk outside and blind myself by the gleam of my beard in the sunlight. This feeling stayed with me for days at a time, even if I didn't apply the products religiously. Nothing makes me feel more confident than having a full, healthy beard that garners compliments from friends and strangers alike.

In addition to the oil and balm, Allegiance Beard offers a wooden comb and brush that should be used when applying these products. This will ensure that the products are evenly distributed within your beard for maximum efficiency. Compared to a normal brush or comb, these accessories absorb the oil so every use of them keeps your beard on fleek every time. Beards, Baddies and Conversations gives it our stamp of approval.

- Jonathan (@jonwiththebeard)

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